Hi. I'm Shahidul Islam.

Software Engineer
@ Imperial College London

Past: Web Application Developer @ London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
March'15 - November'15

I am a Computer Engineer and I to solve problems.

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My passion is to design and build amazing things.

I also teach web and programming languages to the students and professionals.

1-1 lesson

Whether you're an adult, college/university student or parent with children, I teach any computing modules, Mathematics and English.
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Feature rich applications

I make things beautiful and functional by using latest technology, good programming practice and compatible throughout multiple platforms.

Satisfaction guranteed

When it comes to deliver, I can gurantee hand made product, well communication, and as per the specifications. If you can dream, I can make it happen.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

** Please note: Following projects are some of my freelance works only (between 2010-2013).
Since then, I've been mostly developing ITSM tools and internal systems for institutions such as
Queen Mary, London School of Hygience and Tropics and Imperial College London.
It is not possible to highlight them here.
Please view my LinkedIn profile for my skills, knowledge and experience. **

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